April 28th, 2007

ATU :: Earth Clois

Process Complete!

Okay, my dearests! I am proud to announcement the imminent arrival of Chapter Thirty-Eight: Revelations and Famous Last Words. It should now be residing in B's inbox. As suspected, it clocked in at 6,104 words and nearly 13 pages. One of two life-changing revelations is about to occur. Can another one be far behind?

See you this afternoon with the update!
ATU :: Earth Clois

Pop Culture Quiz Meme-Swiped From Mel Who Yoinked it From Caroline...

Go to Pop Culture Music Quiz and select the year you became 18 and paste it in your journal. 

Arrange the songs as such: “Loved It!” “Liked It…” “Hated It!” “I didn’t change the channel when it came on”, and “Eh? I don’t remember that song…” 

Remember to note your preferences from back then, for maximum self-disclosure and embarrassment.
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