March 17th, 2007

ATU :: Earth Clois

Process Complete!

Alright, ladies and Brian, the latest edition will shortly be in the lovely B's mailbox. The new arrival is 'Chiaroscuro' and clocks in at 5,055 words. And little secrets are slowly making their way out into the light. But what will happen once they're revealed?

Wow, the things we have planned for you guys! I know I keep saying just a little while longer, you'll get your answers. Just a little while longer, the events I've been talking about are coming, promise!  The biggest thing is that both the Muse and Lois herself have been whispering in my ear and telling me all kind of wonderful additions to make. There is a method to my madness. Really! :D Promise.

We’ll see you guys back tomorrow morning for the posting, before I run off to a full day of the zoo (FINALLY!!), lunch out, and a screening of 300.  sean_montgomery, dearest twin, I should be on later in the evening. Early to bed for that bloody !!11:00 AM!! shift Sunday morning. Yuck.

We've already written a HUGELY important scene from the next chapter! You guys are going to love that one. Just trust me on that! ;)

ETA: Ummm... I do have a request of all of you out there. Does anyone have any interest in trying their hand at an LS banner? I'd love to spruce this thing up a bit. Maybe a new layout. I mean, I can make a few things, but something like that? *LOL* And if anyone is interested, elliania, could you help me set it up? You did a brilliant job helping B with hers a while back, Kat. I'll love all of you forever for any help here. Please? 


ATU :: Earth Clois

Posting LS: Now The Fun Really Begins... ;)

Alright, without further ado, might I present our thirty-third chapter (Wow, are we really this far already? Geez!)? If you don't know the meaning of the Italian title, Google or Wiki it. LS is to to teach you something every once in a while! :D

B, get better, love! And let us know the update on Little Miss! We love you and thank you for beta-ing this despite feeling awful!

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ATU :: Earth Clois

The Clana Solution

After seeing this video, how many people wanna be Lana buys it in the final episode of the series, if not sooner? Perfect way to finally drive Lex completely around the bend. And it's not as if Crack!ville is canon. They could do it if they really wanted. And Lana would love to go out as a angsty marytr. *rolls eyes*