January 29th, 2007

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What Purpose Do Colds Serve?

Part of me wonders if the Cold and Flu season is just the medical industry's version of a holiday (though it's no real picnic for them, trust me) and then this happens. The day Inventory starts, we have a skeleton crew at the store, and I catch FE Manager Brian's nasty mucus-fest. I HATE calling out. I feel so guilty, seeing as how I seen to be the main one who never does it.

But dizzy and sick to your stomach don't go well with ladderwork and putting up freight. If I was at the registers or on Customer Service today, that would be different, but I can't see try to do my job like this. ...Did I mention that I'm not a fan of calling out? *pouts, then sneezes*

The good news is that Anissa comes home today and we'll be able to get some work done. Bad news with that is that she has no bedside manner. She was thrilled to be coming home until she heard me. I get the feeling she'll be home later than expected.

*whine* I hate being sick.
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ATU :: Earth Clois

A Good Thing Comes Out Of This Lousy Day

Well, looks like my video block is over! It's not my all-time best, but I'm proud of it and even managed to make it LS-centric. Sorry for the fuzzy DC footage, but it was all I could find. I plan to reedit it once I have a better quality rip of the Donner Cut.

ETA: Did another small edit before repost. Runs more seamlessly now.