December 31st, 2006

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Posting LS: Now The Fun Begins...

Well, I'm a loser. No teaser this week, due to the insanity that is my life, but look! I have a brand new chapter for all of you! Am I forgiven for being gone most of the week? As soon as I post this, we're out the door to go on our little trip. Figured that putting it up early might be in order since it's New Years! We love you all and thank you for sticking with us all this time. We promise, things here at LS are only going to get more interesting. *evil grin* Happy New Year and amazing luck to you all in the year to come!


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The song playing on the radio at the beginning of the chapter is 'Baker, Baker' by Tori Amos. I'm glad I could include it, having very strong high school memories of that one. And it just fit perfectly. :)

Oh, and by the way, the trivia questons from last chapter? Almost everyone here, on LJ, and got the Amityville reference, so cheers for that! But only Dragonflame got both! Margot once dated Pierre Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister. Congrads, Dragonflame! Now we need to figure out that the heck the prize could be!
ATU :: Earth Clois

Auld Lang What?

Just pausing a moment to wish you all a


                   Safe And Hangover-Free New Year! 

We Love You Guys And We Look Forward To Another Wonderful Year Of Cape-Wearing And High-Flying Fic, Friendship (Which Also Includes Abby And I Spamming The Heck Out Of Every Thread We Meet On! Sorry All We've Annoyed In Subscribed Threads! *sheepish grin*), Useless But Amusing Memes, Threatening To Kill Each Other's Family Members For The Sake Of Friend's Sanity, Starbucks (Caroline To Both. *Hugs*), Naughty Manips (Bodeewan!), Stout-Hearted Beta-ing (Say It With Me! 'WE LOVE YOU, BARBARA'!), Amazing Icons (coltdancer, You're My Hero!), The Never-Ending Battle Against The Evil Salkind Empire (Brian, One Day We'll Get Him And His Little Frenchman, Too!), And The Love That Is This Superman-Related Family!

                                                         Let There Be Many More!

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