December 16th, 2006

ATU :: Earth Clois

Why Do I Keep Doing This To Myself On Saturday Morning?

Okay, before anyone fusses when they see what time I posted this, I have not been to bed yet. We were at work tonight until very late and I was too wired to sleep. Which means it will be around 2pm when I wake up. Which stinks, because we'll be buying our live tree this afternoon and putting up our decorations while Lois is still zombified. *ACK!*

sean_montgomery, dearest, I'll post the other review on FF the minute things get quiet over here. Read it the minute I got home here on LJ and reviewed. So proud of you, love! So romantic. :D

And what did they do to the LJ? It's weird again! I'm just going to have to get a paid account so I don't have to deal with random weirdness. Or is that on a paid, too? *ACK, Part Deux*

Also, even if I am a little sleep-depp'ed and wonky this morning, I have a teaser. This one is sweet and not action-oriented, but it heralds the return of the twins as active characters! YAY! I don't know about you, but *I've* missed them.

Teaser for 'Throwing Stones':

Collapse )
See you guys tonight. B (htbthomas), once Part Two is done, what day is best to send it as to not trip up your holiday schedule? And you're out of school this week, right? Without kids, we never know! This chappie should be to you no later than tomorrow night. :)

And coltdancer, can I make a request if you can get a screen cap of the 'Up, up, and away' Lois moment at the end of The Donner Cut? I'll love you forever! :D

Also, jaded_shade, tell me if you need anything else. I'm still adding more Kidder and Reeve to my pic folders.

Alright, going to pass out now! Love you all! See you tonight!