December 11th, 2006

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Houston, We Have Kryp-Tin!

Just a short little post to say that even though I am now officially Ms. Kidder's casting age in STM (not going to say it, not even going to think it. It was far from old for her, but I'm a different story!), I am now the proud owner of the vaulted metal Treasure Trove of Superman Goodness! Despite owning SR and the Donner Cut (both of which I now have two copies of! *happy dance*), the prophecy is now complete. Let the rollercoaster that is LS kick into high gear, because now I have all copies of the films as well as shooting scripts! YES!!!!!

Nope, not obsessive. Not at all! ;)

*SQUEE! And I rarely ever SQUEE!*

And thanks so much to everyone for spoiling me lately, most obviously for reviewing as often as you do when I'm just lousy at keeping up with all of your own stories. I do intend to continue trying to catch up. Really. Promise. Honestly. (I *am* being serious) 


beeto_from_ff , for selflessly asking B to beta for us first before him and for being as much a Salkind-Hater as myself. As I said before, seperated-at-birth twins. You are such a love, Brian, and a gentlemen to boot. Our very own Clark Kent. We adore you for it. 

sean_montgomery for the never-ending amusement and insight that is her company. And the fact that she's trying like crazy to catch up to LS before TPM occurs with her grin-a-minute reviews. (nope, still telling you guys what that is until we get there next month! *LOL)

ellalou73 for taking the time to look for pictures that I don't have on my database for banners and such and her sweet words about a beginner's banner making talents. Will have to let you babysit the twins from time to time. :) 
jadedshade for her offer of making utterly breath-taking banners inspired by our little piece of fiction, as well as being a longtime reviewer.

mithah, our most extraordinary should-be Brit who loves us so much, she quotes our quotes as half her review! You have no idea the joy that they give us and how we wait for them with baited breath, Hellish. And for the reaction to your sneak preview. *LOL* Still need a fan and a glass of water? ;) We love you, 'Chelle!

 bistyboo1974 for affection, support, and for staying sane for all of us in a difficult time. Not to mention honoring us with a spot in 12 Days. There really are no words for how awed we were. We love you, Caroline! *Big hug* 

I also need to once again send love out to a certain someone...*coughcoltdancercough* for that amazingly beautiful icon I refuse to stop using for everything.

As well, I need to thank maaike_fluffyfor her post-ins and for her wonderful story that I need to get off my butt and review. (As well as bisty and Brian's. I know, I know. I suck SO bad that I'm amazed that anyone speaks to me at all. *blush*)

And B (htbthomas), most likely my best friend on the 'net and the most wonderful, encouraging beta/fan/all-around beautiful human being I know. There really are no words for how much I owe you and thank you. It all started with the simple reading of a fantasic fanfiction by an amazing writer. I say it all the time, but you were the reason that I had the courage to take Little Secrets as far as I have. YOU, WOMAN! :) And I'm so glad you did. A meet-up can't be soon enough! Hug Ashlyn for me and the twins, too. Kala says she misses her. ;)

And to all the others out there that I may have missed, the readers from FF and BT over here slummin' for spoilers ;), thank you for making this story as popluar as it has become. It wouldn't be that way if not for all of you. We only hope that we can continue to be up to expectations and that you'll tell us if we're not. 

This has been one of the best years of my life thanks to a man in a crimson cape from a world far beyond ours whom I love with all my heart and the woman who loves him in spite of sense and reasoning. And because of my family here. You make me smile, laugh, cry, think, question with every post you make. You've made me feel like part of a family that I never knew I was missing. I love you all and let's have another great one!

Besides, it's still another year and a half 'til Man of Steel! *ducks the flying tomatoes, laughing* 

EDIT: Another bit of proof that I'm spoiled rotten just came as an utter surprise at 4:17am with no warning. Especially since said artist was *busy* until after Christmas. *LOL*  SOPHIE, I LOVE YOU!!!

There Are Just No Words...
ATU :: Earth Clois

htbthomas v anissa7118

anissa7118 challenges htbthomas on a matter of ambiguity.
watch anissa7118 fight
watch htbthomas fight
htbthomas defeats anissa7118 in a suitably ambiguous way.
anissa7118 has been defeated by htbthomas
However the comotion has awoken anissa7118's parent KalaLaneKent
KalaLaneKent challenges htbthomas on a matter of ambiguity.
watch KalaLaneKent fight
watch htbthomas fight
KalaLaneKent defeats htbthomas in a suitably ambiguous way

Anissa (who didn't realize Kala was logged in) says: "Hahahahaha! So you whipped my butt, but my mama kicked yours!"