November 13th, 2006

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Posting LS: Now The Fun Begins...

Alright, for those of you that don't go over to FanFiction, here's the update. You guys got it late here this time, but I wanted to get it up before work this morning and that's less lengthy.

Well, here we are again, only this time looming at the precipice of the the story. Staring over at the big scary black thing on the skyline. After this, things are never going to be the same in the LS universe. And once you've started, there really is no turning back. Once Kitty and Lex tell their tales, you, Lois, and Clark really have no control over what will happen next. Buckle yourselves in, kiddies, because we go M after a chapter or two. Are you ready?

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"Captain is preparing for take-off..." Act Three: Chapter Twenty in a few days...
ATU :: Earth Clois

More Superman Video Goodness

Here's a fresh batch to get you through a questionable Monday. I personally subscribe to the Garfield theory, "The Man Who Invented Mondays Should Be Drug Out Into The Street And Shot."

Happy Monday! :)

The Utterly Superb Brian Monarch's 'Project S', set to 'It's Not Easy' by Five For Fighting. (This is why I wanted to learn to make videos in the first place)

loisslane-Aerosmith-Fly Away From Here

loisslane-The Rasmus-The Shot (very Act Three)

Mr.Oldfashion-Bryan Adams-When You Love Someone (Not my usual cup of tea musically, especially for the Saga, but this one... Nice)

wishingonastar-American Hi-Fi-The Rescue

jorels-Five For Fighting-It's Not Easy (I know we've seen this song used a million times, but this one. I really like this video)

herolee-Sara Routh-You're Never Gone
ATU :: Earth Clois

You All Know You Do It...

Now, I know almost all of you out there are Superman fanfic authors and I'm going to make a request again. What music do you use to inspire you while you work? I have three seperate songlists for LS. General Purpose/Suspense, Romantic, and Angry/Sexy. I'm just curious to see what all of us use. That, and I need an idea for my new video. If anyone's interested, I'll put up the listings. C'mon, guys, give! :)