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Hey, Guuuuys!

 As soon as we get the betas back tonight, we're going to post the next chapter. We started the wedding last night and the plans look really, really good. And seeing as how I have Thursday, Friday, and Saturday off, we need to start planning this party. Now, what I need to know is what we should do for the close-out party. 

I'd love to do a chat, but I don't know that all of us are capable. We plan on a Q&A. We have a couple of LS-related art pieces we plan to share. Maybe another preview for Heirs. I need to do another Favorite Lines poll (riznyand I are up to something with it). Is there anything else you guys would want? Any suggestions? Anissa and I are planning on being around all day, so anything is okay with us. :D

How can I describe how both happy and sad I feel? And don't think we're forgotten our 'thank you' gifts for the staff. Just a little bit longer on that, since we know exactly what we're getting you. XD Trust me, you'll love it. *hugs all of you tight*
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