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28 March 2008 @ 01:34 pm
First Begun Is First Done  
 The first chapter, Promises To Keep, has been with the betas since early this morning. It tops out at 8,169 words and sixteen pages. We expect Let No Man Put Asunder to be smaller as its the first half of the morning, leading up to the wedding itself. At 2,000 wordsfour pages, and three scenes to do, the betas can expect it later today since Anissa was too tired to finish it before bed last night. 

And since a certain Shelby ;) slipped in a subliminal request into a recent comment, just one more tiny spoiler. Then no more! You'll spoil you appetite!

His family. At last, he and Lois and the twins were finally here; tomorrow they would be a family in fact as well as in the heart. He had legally adopted the twins, at last silencing that little bit of doubt caused by the blank lines on their birth certificates, and both children had elected to take his name – though they didn’t exactly give up being Lanes, either. Kala was hyphenating like her mother, and Jason had taken Lane as his middle name. With tomorrow’s ceremony, they would officially be the Lane-Kents, and it wouldn’t be a moment too soon for Clark.

He found the three of them just outside the doors, Lois sitting on one of the benches in the garden while Kala and Jason chased each other, blowing bubbles with stolen wedding favors. Clark smiled to watch them, remembering the discussion a couple of weeks ago. Lois had blanched when she’d seen the cost of environmentally-friendly dissolvable rice, but Lana had insisted that they would not have a bunch of exploding pigeons to herald their wedding. Lois had completely lost it, laughing so hard at the image that Lana had to thump her on the back, and they had gone with a mixture of bubbles in bell-shaped containers and the bird-safe rice.

On the Verge of: groggygroggy
ladymackenzieladymackenzie on March 28th, 2008 07:47 pm (UTC)
Ah..the wedding. Reminds me of my own wedding 14 years ago. (well 14 and 2 dyas ago. LOL) We had never heard of using bubbles. I wish we had. We used birdseed instead of rice and I was washing birdseed out of my hair for the next three days! LOL One of my bridesmaids thought it would be funny instead of trowing it, she would just dump it into my hair as I was ducking the birdseed. (Mac rolls her eyes) Anyway, when we got married my daddy said that he wouldn't pay a penny if there was dancing, so we decieded to renew our vows and have the dancing then on our 15 ann. Well we are one year away from that and I'm not sure if we will be able to afford it. Ho-hum.

Ok I think that my train derailed there. Thank you ADHD! I can't wait to read the chapters!!