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This is just a quick post to let all of you know I'm still alive and kicking. Today is my second day of vacation and one of my first chances to get on the 'puter. Yesterday was spent mostly catching up with Mr. Sandman, not meaning the amazingly talented Mr. Gaiman's creation either. Rest is a lovely thing when it occurs. :D

Went to see Happy Feet last night and am now head-over-heels for the thing. That was so great on all levels. What a great way to make kids aware of ecology. Going to get back to sponsoring animals like I used to. 

We're about 4100 words into the lastest chapter and I plan to finish it out before the end of the night. Then it's off to B for editing. It's coming along quite well, eventhough Lois isn't pleased with what I'm making her think about. Mirrors are dreadful things. With any luck, it should be up by Tuesday.

I've missed you all and have planned a catch-up day for Tuesday, since tomorrow is our little road trip. SQUEE! Planning, planning, planning the big action arc. :D Hopefully we'll come home with a whole notebook full of notes in addition to what we have now. 

*big hugs*

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