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25 March 2008 @ 01:57 am
OMG, I Did All Of This In Nine Days?!?!?  
 Well, I'm very nearly caught up on BT! Added Chapter Seventy-Eight just an hour ago and will be posting Seventy-Nine tomorrow! *glee, victory arms, happydance*

Thanks again to those who agreed to make the Lana icons for me. *hugs you ever so tight*

And it seems that we have a couple of surprises before the final chapter. One is being made for Anissa and I by a source outside the fandom. Mysa, if you're reading this, I want you to know that I'm very honored that you offered to do this and the sketches I've seen so far are awe-inspiring. It's just beautiful. 

To the general audience, I'd show what I've seen so far, but I don't want to ruin the surprise or upset her by not asking permission first. 

And ellianiaand riznyhave been up to a little something these last few weeks and the work that's been done on it is nothing short of amazing. *glomps you two so tight*  

On top of all that, I'm in such a good mood, I'm going to spoil you just a little bit more:

Lana came to a decision in seconds. “Fine,” she said, opening her purse. Taking out her car keys and wallet, she handed both to her assistant. “This is what we’ll do. Kay, take my car and go meet Ella and Lucy. If you don’t mind, I’ll like you to let them drive the Mercedes back while you wait for Triple-A.”

“No problem,” Kay said. “And?”

Tobie had crossed her arms, watching Kay closely. “Wish I had somebody to run around following my orders,” she whispered under her breath.

“They’d quit and file sexual harassment in a week,” Lois snarked. “This’s why you’ll never make editor, Raines. Every editor makes a pass at their secretary, and you’d have to go one step farther to prove you’re better than the boys.”

“I am better than the boys,” Tobie snapped. “And I don’t want management. That’s only for people too old and lazy to report.”

“Probably so much better that you’d drag your poor secretary off to the supply closet,” Lois retorted. “And bite me about management – I didn’t ask for this job!”

            “Oh, you mean like you dragged a recently-appointed International editor off to the supply closet last year?” Cat interjected sweetly.
Only a few more days, guys! XD
On the Verge of: bouncybouncy
Trekkie6trekkie6 on March 25th, 2008 07:58 am (UTC)
ROFL Whoda thunk I'd be thinking the same thing as Kat??!!

Oy, what happened to the car?
Lois: Lois Kal-El Sexykalalanekent on March 25th, 2008 06:29 pm (UTC)
Because it's the first thing that comes to mind the minute Lois opens her mouth with that comment. Can we say the pot calling the kettle black? *snicker*
✰ ❝elliαniα❞ ĸatrine: disney; expectationselliania on March 25th, 2008 03:07 pm (UTC)
Can't wait to see the finale result of Mysa's work!!! *-*

Nice teaser!!! -twirls you both- You rock, girls!!
Lois: Lois Love Youkalalanekent on March 25th, 2008 06:36 pm (UTC)
I figured no one would mind a little more of the bridesmaids together. These three are a riot. :D And you finally get to see why Lois and Tobie are friends. I mean, they're know each other since college!
Obsessed fangirl: Lois and Clark - STM Bleech!babettew54 on March 25th, 2008 07:04 pm (UTC)
Ohh, she did not go there! The 'supply closet'!!!??? *LOL* Oh, Cat, you are in trouble!

Thanks for the teaser!:D
Lois: Clark Lois First Impressionskalalanekent on March 28th, 2008 05:48 pm (UTC)
Oh, if you think that's bad, wait until you see the rest of that scene! *LOL, hugs poor Lois*
ellalou73 on March 25th, 2008 11:01 pm (UTC)
Finally I get to read or got to and I so love those ladies together, they crack me up. First I love Lana taking charge and second I love Lois and Tobie those two are great.

Now I'm ready for more.
Lois: Lois Grumpykalalanekent on March 28th, 2008 05:52 pm (UTC)
Oh, trust me, you'll be seeing a LOT of the bridesmaids in the first chapter. Everyone finally gets to see what Tobie and Lois are like when they're together, with Cat added to the mix. :)
sean_montgomery: Me-amusedsean_montgomery on March 26th, 2008 02:15 am (UTC)
GOD these women... I swear, they could be the new and VERY improved version of The View... aka, something people would actually watch. :D
Lois: Lois Darkkalalanekent on March 28th, 2008 05:54 pm (UTC)
I would never trust the three of them on air together. In a million years. Not even for a billion dollars.
januaried: gen text we'z gonna get sillyjanuaried on March 31st, 2008 07:43 pm (UTC)
Hee! Have you read or heard of Cassie Claire's Very Secret Diaries (from HP fandom)? My first thought was something along those lines:

Day 178. Still no love-slaves obeying my every order. Lois getting married, asked me to be a bridesmaid. No chance of getting yummy Lois nookie now. She would kill me if I tried anything.

...And now I have tons of these popping into my head. I think this is what we should do at the wrap-up party. XD
Lois: Lois Shockedkalalanekent on April 1st, 2008 05:33 pm (UTC)
OMFG! *dies* I've never heard of it, but that sounds just like Tobie!

That's great! Tell me me more of these diaries...

*reads it again and falls out of chair*
januaried: SIII lanajanuaried on April 1st, 2008 06:40 pm (UTC)