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The Home Stretch

Well, I just have to survive today, tomorrow, and the day after. The Christmas rush is over, returns (not to be confused with Returns, which is a helluva lot nicer to witness) will the their worst today and tomorrow, and then we're offline for four day for a break and to go on an LS plotting trip. And then life will go back to normal. *sighes happily*

As to The Christmas Haul this year:

One crazed, wrapping paper-munching now fourteen-week-old Beagle puppy, a pair of black ankle-strap heels, and the Bus Shelter SR poster from Anissa

Three new extremely nice dress shirts from my mother-in-law.

A bit of chocolate from 3 Sisters and a $40 giftcard for Dressbarn from April, the younger of my twin sisters.

A pair of Indian (India) crystal earrings from Tiffany, the older of the twins.

The Superman/Daily Planet ornament from Hallmark, a Nicole Miller robe, Meatloaf-The Monster Is Loose CD, Evanescence-The Open Door CD, $25 giftcard for MovieStop, The Princess Diaries Special Edition DVD (was supposed to be The Princess Bride Special Edition, but hey, I've been curious about the one I got), and various sock stuffers from Mom and Dad.

Not too much, but respectable this year. Alot more than some people get. ;)
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