Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

GAH. Delays, They Kill Us

So here's the deal.  It's six AM and your friendly voice of doom is misspelling three-letter words out of sheer exhaustion as she types.  The chapter stands at 7,656 words and fifteen pages, and it's unfinished.  We only have two more scenes to write, but my brain is fried, and I have to work tomorrow.

This means we will send the chapter out to our betas tomorrow night, sometime after midnight.  And ladies, I do appreciate your patience very much.  We will likely post sometime Saturday night, then.

In gratitude for your forbearance, we're giving you another little spoiler.  Enjoy!

“I feel like I’m back at prom,” Ron joked as the groomsmen headed into After Hours Formalwear to buy their tuxedos.

“What’s a prom?” Jason asked, tagging along at his uncle’s heels.

“A big dance for high school kids,” Richard replied. “You have to dress up to impress your girlfriend.”

The little boy looked up at him worriedly. “Is everything about growin’ up really about girls?”

“Only for Richard,” Clark muttered.  The remark provoked laughter from the guys and a heavy sigh from Maggie. 

Tags: little secrets progress reports

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