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Because You All Had To Put Up With The Blackbird Of Happiness...

...I decided to post the spoiler for Old, New, Borrowed, Blue early. Thanks to all that sent the love last night. I'm just having a lousy patch, I think. You know me; it won't last long. But now to make all of you smile.

Lucy yanked Clark’s attention back to the present moment. “I don’t care if it’s traditional in China. You’re not Chinese, Lois! You are not gonna wear a red wedding dress!”

“Amen,” Martha said dryly, echoed by Ella.

“Keep it up and I’ll wear black,” Lois said poisonously, glaring at both moms. “Clark likes me well enough in black…”

“Not getting into this discussion,” Clark said quickly. “Not at all. I don’t care what color the dress is, as long as Lois is in it. That’s all I want. I was lucky she agreed to marry me; I’m not pushing my luck any further. You guys fight it out amongst yourselves.”

And if you think that's great, brace yourself. That's only a few pages in. :D

Have a great day, all, and I'll see if I can lose Teh Whiny at work. Doubtful, but I promise to try.
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