Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Just A Little Drive-By Update

Currently at 2,482 words and three pages, I'm beginning to think this might be our funniest chapter ever. Then again, that's pretty easy when there are eight adults and six kids in the house while discussing wedding arrangements. 

Most especially when the current scene involves Lois, The Moms, and the picking of the dress. XD

*hugs her 'Verse*

I think this one will be worth a glance or two.

And now *makes face*, off to work.

*makes another face and gets another cup of coffee* 

ETA: 3,222 words and five pages, now.  Yay!  The Voice of Doom got to work on fic while at work.  And y'all can have a spoiler tomorrow or Thursday.  If you're good.  :D
Tags: little secrets progress reports

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