Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

*Slowly Seething* I HATE YOU, WB!

*excuse the severity of the icon due to my level of annoyance*

After rewatching one of my favorite scenes in Superman Returns while replying to a comment of rizny's and working on the current chapter, I realized it how much it pisses me off that we were given such a wonderful story in SR (even if Kate made me wince a time or two), only to have the WB drop it like a hot rock in favor of hurrying up The Dark Knight. Watching the 'fallen glasses' scene between Lois and Clark and the myriad of reasons for her behavior there (and in several other scenes) makes me want to pummel them in that it's been a year and a half since I saw this several times on the big screen. I WANT MY FRIKKIN' SEQUEL!

It's not fair to the fans! It's not fair to the cast! I MISS BRANDON! And I want Tristan to be young enough to still be believable to play our baby! The damn Writer's Strike is over!


Can I make that any clearer?

*growls, forks the evil eyes at WB HQ and goes back to work, knowing her betas will kill her if the chappie's not in for beta on time and the fans will kill her if it's not posted on time*

Tags: the lois bitching network

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