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Happiness Meme

Gacked from almost the entire F-List.

Name 10 things that make you happy!

1. The fact that every morning wake up with the crabby, unhappy, and absolutely gorgeous love of my life. Even if it takes forever to get her up and out of bed.

2.   Writing. Just writing in general. But mostly on our three main projects. Something about creating new world and expanding upon them just makes me feel amazing. *hugs Lois, Arianne, Emaleth, Cassandre, Breannan, and the rest of her humongus cast* And getting reviews are icing on the cake. OMG, reviews should have their own entry, but...

3.   Margot and Christopher. Just the sight of these two, even in passing as I go from one channel to the other, makes me smile. So many happy memories from my growing up involve these two.

4.  New music. I'm an absolute music hound. It takes a lot to catch my ear, but good songs are like present unto themselves. *loves ecabsfor all the music I've gacked from her*
5.  My F-List is the second thing I check on waking up in the morning and the second thing I check walking in the door at night. The first thing I check is my email. You guys get me through me through my day SO often. *snuggles*

6. New icons! OMG, new icons. And personalized ones or ones for specifically Little Secrets or Clois or the fandom in general, just for me, are just... I can't even find the words. I'm not the Icon Whore for nothing! (And it's even funnier when you know that I don't really like that word and I'm adamant that it be used in that particular context. Yes, it's that bad. And I don't want no stinking 12-Step Program!)  

7. The absolute knowledge that, one way or another, I will be headed from Asheville for good next year. Once and for all. Finally. 

8. I can't be the only person that gets cheered up just from the sound of the Theme From Superman, can I?   

9.   When a day goes by that I don't have a sniffle, wheeze, cough, or sneeze. Or sick to my stomach. *headdesk*

10. Love you, Bluebird! (and yes, I know you're reading this!)
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