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Okay, I Give In. A Small Spoiler...But Not For The Huge Chunk....

 Because I just can't ruin the surprise there. Forgive me, but I want all of you to be like, "OMG, what?!?!" Last night wasn't as productive, but we got a late start. Last chapter to go before the wedding? Expect it to be a rollercoaster. Really. I promise. ;)

For now, though? Can I get a welcome home? And, yes, there is a oneshot planned called, What I Did For My Christmas Vacation, by Richard White, so all you Richana fans simmer down.

Two days before the New Year, Richard arrived back in Metropolis, tanned and immensely pleased with himself. He came up to the Daily Planet on his first day back, just to visit – he would come in to actually work the next day. Greeting everyone with a broad grin, the sight of him was enough to bring Lois and Perry out of their offices. “I see Florida was good to you,” Perry grumbled, while Lois just grinned.

Richard hugged his uncle and his ex before replying, “Actually, I wasn’t in Florida for more than a day.”

“Then where the hell have you been?” Lois asked, surprised. 

“The Bahamas,” Richard said, his eyes alight with mischief. 
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