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The Muse Is Mighty...


Voice of Doom here.  We just wrote approximately 3,000 words on the current chapter, leaving us with 5,458 words and  10 pages.  On Monday.  Holy freakin' crap-monkeys, as the Smart Bitches would say.

And I am so totally jazzed up about this that I wanna run around the block squeeing and flailing my arms.  We have several more things left to write - three scenes, one of which will run counterpoint to the ginormous chunk we just wrote.  'Cuz it's just too damn good not to split it up and feed it to you in tiny, suspenseful bites.

*shivers in delight* 

ETA: 3,100 words exactly.  Damn, we're good.  *smooches the Muse* 

ETA Part Deux: Jury is still out on the spoiler. Because it would be a huge one. Remember, wedding starts next chapter or so. This is a something else that's important.
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