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And We Spent The Whole Day Shopping On No Money...

Well, it was on Lana and the others' dime, so what the hey? As near as we can tell, we have date, time, and locations set for a certain special event. Now if we could only decide the cake! *frowns* Knowing Ella and Martha, they'll attempt to put in opinions, but I doubt Lois will agree to let them decide that as well...

Oh? Seems that a few people thought Anissa and I were up to something borrowed and something blue? Not just yet. *LOL* I promise that everyone will know the if and when on that... if we ever get around to it. 

As it is, I have my hands full keeping Lois from going nuclear from all the chiffon and cherubs and pretty stuff first thing in the frikkin' morning. Thank God we have Lana on our side. *headdesk* This is going to be a long few chapters. 


Tags: little secrets spoiler

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