Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Yes, I'm Still Alive Out There...Barely

Just a quick post before returning for the fifth straight day to Christmas retail Hell. I'm trying to remember the last time I felt so tired. So tired last night that, in fact, I went straight home and promptly passed out on top of my sheets. It was the first night in the last six months that I didn't come home and work on LS at least a little bit. I miss you guys and our chats, even if they're only short ones. I'll be so glad when this holiday is over. Thank God I only have to work today and Sunday before having Christmas off. Only bad thing is that I'm back in International Return Day and the two days after before my break from the 29th-Jan. 2. And I can't wait.

'Christmas with the Kents' is in the bag, short of B's beta for Part Two, which should probably be here in a day or so. (EDIT: Nevermind, we have it now! Thanks, B!) And we're two pages into Chapter Twenty-Five, so we're ahead, we think. No regular chappie this week, just the Christmas story. Sorry about that, all of you. We'll make up for it in this next chapter, though. Promise.

Still trying to decide on a teaser that doesn't give too much away. I'll probably post it tonight, if I'm still awake enough. Love you all! Wish me luck today and Sunday! 

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