Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

A Little Preview of Our 12days_of_clois Entry

Okay, all! This is what we've spent the last week on. This is the second story in our alternative take on Superman II, in the 'verse I'm calling In Another Lifetime. Accidentally in Love is the sequel to Baby, It's Cold Outside and picks up the morning after we left our pair in the snowed-in cabin in North Carolina, trying to put a stop to a honeymoon racketeering scheme. 

Just a little spoiler to hold you until Monday...

Clark,” Lois said, her tone sharp, and when she had his attention she spoke clearly and forcefully. “Number one, I know what the hell I’m doing, all right? I have driven in mountains before, and I’ve also done the police driving course. I could come down here fifteen miles per hour faster than I’m doing now, only I’d have to take part of the opposite lane over the curves, and I don’t want to do that.  Number two, maybe you’ve forgotten, but you’re Superman. It’s not like you’d be hurt even if I did total the car. And the way these things are engineered, I might even be able to run it off the side and live. It’s got side airbags, the whole nine yards.”

“It’s still nothing to be so casual about,” Clark protested. “I mean, we have all these curves in a road we’ve driven once, in the opposite direction. Plus the constant added acceleration due to going downhill – that’s roughly thirty-two feet per second, every second, less the coefficient of friction of the road and the tires. And if we hit even one spot with no friction…”

“What the hell?” Lois said. “Did you just go all physics-geek on me, Clark?”

He crossed his arms and stared at her. “What I’m saying basically boils down to, you’re going to get us both killed. In layman’s terms.”

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