Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

In Love With This Corner of the World

It's too beautiful for words.  Here's another slideshow linkspam - again, be warned that these are unedited pics.  Some may be blurry, others will need cropping.

Day Two -  North of Asheville in search of snow

Day Three - Heading back through Great Smoky Mountains National Park and various backroads of NC and TN

In other news, we are EXHAUSTED.  On the road for twelve hours straight - we took back roads because we got re-routed several times by roads closed for snow and ice and downed trees.  Plus it's Valentine's Day, and we want some 'us' time.  So this week's chapter, though it's nearly done at 5,468 words, will be delayed.  We'll get it to the betas this weekend and you should have it by Monday.  We've also begun our Valentine's Day fic (our due date is the 25th) and we'll have that finished by next weekend.

Good night, friends.


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