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 After the trek to Orlando for Lush goodies (SQUEEEEE! OMG! I'm SO spoiled! I love you, 'Nissa!) ate up most of the day (I'm sure that we'll post about it later.), I only have tonight to do final packing and everything else! ACK! I have laundry to do, I have to pack still, we need to go get travel rations, and I have to sleep sometime since I'm going to work at 11 Freaking AM! *screams and panics* This is why I always try to take off the day before I leave! *headdesk* I get home at 7 PM, but we're on the road about 2 or 3 AM. 

*glares at Work!Brian* This is all your fault for saying that I had to work either Saturday or Sunday before I left, knowing I wouldn't work a Saturday. *swat* It's a good thing you're the best boss in the world, Bald Man, and I worry about Harmon 24/7! *blows another vindictive raspberry*

*deep breath* And on that note, I'm going to attempt to go scream in the closet and thereafter get that done since Anissa will be home, but inevitably the schedule will get screwed over by a Higher Power. *smirks in the direction of the sky and looks up knowingly* She has to pick up the laptop (yes, we should have 'Net access this week! YAY! But we'll also be leaving voiceposts), pick up the rental car, pack, shop with Smelly Old Man (and for the cabin), spend time with her Mother *sighs*, and then come get me. Will all of this be done in the eight-hour period in which I work? Unlikely, but through no fault of her own. This always happens before a trip.

The good news is, though, that Ms. Lois has Tylenol PM currently in her possession. :D Which, unlike Ms. Lane's experience with it *snickers at the memory of that chapter*, I'll be insured a good six hours sleep before we leave if I go to bed directly after a shower. And I will go to bed tomorrow night. So help me God, I will.

*headdesk* Wish me luck. Back later with a progress update.
Tags: vacation insanity

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