Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Oh, The Humanity!

Okay, this is a response to a discussion

sean_montgomery and I were having.

Abby: (*moans* Do I HAVETA go to work tomorrow? Do I REALLY have to endure the customers doing their last minute shopping?! Do they REALLY need that final can of yams?!

*hunkers down into a corner and rocks herself*)

Me: Tell me about it. I had a fool come in yesterday and fall absolutely in love with a pillow he found hidden back in Dec Pillows. Grinning like a fool, he rushes up to me, "Do you possibly have the set that belongs to this, miss? I have to have this for my daughter! I've never seen an pattern that suits her more correctly! I need it in a twin, if you please." (Yes, he spoke like this)

Well, seeing that it belonged to a company we carried, I told him I'd be happy to look for him. A somewhat basic pattern, I went through the database for our store, knowing I had seen it before.

That took twenty minutes, page by page in the inventory. The pattern name was easy to find, seeing as how we had a million items in that one particular set. It was just trying to identify the short form of the words that was killing me. Did you know that other than Twin, Full, Queen, and King, there are also Twin Extra Long, Olympic Queen, California Queen, Olympic King, and California King? Geez!

Finally, after having gotten an MOD involved, we discover that not only did we didn't have them in stock, they had been discontinued,(which is a shame because the Chambord is really gorgeous). Telling this to the customer, he was disappointed but I offered to look up to see if any other stores still had overstock of them.

Turns out that there are only thirty-five left *company-wide*. Bummer. Well, I offer to put a request out to have one shipped to our store, if one can be found. The man asks if it will have to be transferred, I say yes, if we can find one for you. He says that that's fine, but he'll keep looking. Everyone leaves happy.

Fast-forward to two hours later and I'm literally drowning in customers desperate for anything to give their loved ones, even if it's just a stupid $2.95 oinking pig keychain (I don't even understand why I high-end store like ours is selling these things! I sound like a snob, but geez! *Rolls eyes, sighs*). I've had tired, cranky, Stitch-like overgrown children in Donna Karen and J. Crew crabbing at me for an eternity when I hear, "Lois, Bedding, Line One."

Revelling in the reprieve, I take the phone. "Happy Holidays from BB&B. This is Lois. How might I assist you?"

And a very smarmy, furious voice on the other end of the line snapped, "Lois, this is Gary from Store Who-really-gives-a-flying-rat. Where did you get that we have thirty-five Chambord comforter sets? I want to know exactly where you saw this and then I want to speak to your manager."

See, someone heard what they wanted to hear earlier. Anyone else remember where I said those comforter sets where? Yes, say it with me, "'Company-wide'!"

Not in another regional store, which I would have told you earlier and saved myself the heartache and chew-out that followed.

Thankfully, my MOD at the time backed me up, but that destroyed last night for me. Can't wait for tomorrow. Really. *shudders*

I say again unto you, please please please please be kind to your cashier and listen. I know all of you girls and Brian will, but... *Groan* God, I hate retail this time of year.
Tags: work suckage

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