Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Since We're Delaying The Chapter, I Couldn't *Not* Give You A Spoiler!

And I know that a certain Ms. Kat and a certain Ms. Shelby would kick my butt... ;)

I could give you a rather sadistic, completely off-topic one just to drive you crazy, but since we don't publish until next week, I thought I'd be nice... 

“We can’t stay up here forever, looking at the stars together,” he murmured, kissing her hair again. “I want you to have something to remind you of my love when we come back down to earth. Because I always love you, no matter where we are or what I’m doing or who I have to be at the moment.” 

Lois’ eyebrow rose, and he felt the warmth of her cheek even through his uniform – was she blushing? “What is with you tonight?” she asked with a breathless chuckle. “Not that you aren’t usually romantic. But tonight…”

            She trailed off, and Kal-El took a deep breath. He hadn’t wanted her to guess what he had planned, but he hadn’t expected her to be quite so in the dark. Lois had no idea what he was about to ask, and there was no more time to plan and hope. This was the perfect moment, now or never, the most frightening thing he’d ever done in his life…

How's that? :D

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