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How I Love A Day At Home

Well, today Ms. Lois has managed to catch up to her back-log of comments, make up the 'to-buy' list of Lush for the NC trip, utterly gut herself on H/Hr goodness, watch everything on her YouTube 'To Watch List', which is where I found a brilliant DA video set to the Theme from Heirs To The House of El (aka My Chemical Romance's Welcome to the Black Parade):


I've also been working on the current chapter (which is going to be great fun) and tormenting people with tiny spoilers for the LS Universe, the oneshots, and Heirs. Which doesn't even bring up the side project coming up from me and rizny! *HEE!* 

Hence, the Legend!DarkLily icon, until I can get an EvilGrin!Lois icon. 

Off to wreck more havok! Love you!
Tags: h/hr or hp videospam, little secrets progress reports

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