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03 February 2008 @ 08:49 pm
SV Crackiness FTReality-Check!!  
Okay, Gough and Millar, you two had better not be going to pull a fast one. Dammit, this is it. The CLANA needs to stay dead or I will never watch this show again. It's been spelled out in black and white so clear that Clark has reached the point that if he misses it, there's no way that I'll ever believe in that version at all again.







On the Verge of: discontentDisgusted
Kattxenokattz on February 4th, 2008 02:07 am (UTC)
How much did I LOVE the last 10 minutes of "Persona?" I've had Interpol's "Pioneer to the Falls" on repeat since yesterday just because it reminded me of the wonderfulness of that end scene.

Really, the way the episode began and ended, the same setting but entirely different time, atmosphere, mood, just... GUH. It's a beautiful ending. I highly doubt they'll be able to segue into Lois/Clark in 2 episodes but if they end the season right there, I'd be SO happy.
Katt: Supers: Jason's familyxenokattz on February 4th, 2008 02:25 am (UTC)
Then again, one could argue that this is exactly the persistent, refusal to surrender to the seemingly inevitable writing on the wall that typifies Clark's feelings for Lois. *L* It's just that by the time he fell for Lois, he'd learned to temper it a bit.
Lois: Clark Lois Caughtkalalanekent on February 4th, 2008 06:31 pm (UTC)
I would tend to agree. That and they've been hammering the Clana into our brains for years. I mean, I even know Clana 'shippers that have decided that the Clana should bow out. It's been made clear again and again why it wouldn't work out between them. This is Dance No. 4? 5? for them and it always ends badly. They're like a pair of crack-addicts. That's not love.

januaried: SV lois smoochesjanuaried on February 4th, 2008 03:58 am (UTC)
Word. Thanks for the vidspam; I needed something to cheer me up (after realizing that I have four 10-page research-intensive papers due this term, in addition to homework every week in two classes...hardest term ever, for srs. Thought I would have a break for a week or two but no such luck. I would be online talking to you ♥ but I can't afford long distractions...lucky you with vacation in five days! I'm happy for you guys getting a break!)

I liked the latest episode of Smallville - mostly because I thought Lana liking Bizarro better than Clark was absolutely hilarious. Although the last five minutes was the weirdest thing I've ever seen, like a really bad, overly dramatic fanvid - WTF?!?

Anyway...LOVE YOU GUYS. *glomps* I read the latest chapter, absolutely loved it, and will be reviewing sometime eventually... >_> :D
Loony Loopy Lea Lovegood: Smallville: Lana is a Martyrchickadilly on February 4th, 2008 08:11 am (UTC)
I finally finished watching it. I kept getting bored with the ep and watching like ten minutes here and there.

I agree about the last five minutes being weird - I think we're supposed to believe Lana was saying all that stuff to confuse Bizarro but I kept thinking she meant it. Like Bizarro/Lana would actually make MORE sense in this universe than all of the Clana crapola.

Though I did grind my teeth that Bizarro also loved Lana. I swear everyone on that show loves her - and for what? They like being whined at??
Lois: SV Lana Falling LOLkalalanekent on February 5th, 2008 10:45 pm (UTC)
She'd make a very handsome sidewalk-pizza, to para-phrase The Lion King.

According to Smallville Wiki, she meant it. There's been a couple of places on the Web that back that up. But, really. Should Clark be surprised? No! Not at all. The Pink Princess of DOOM has always shown how fickle she is. Every time she and Clark get together, it ends badly. And most of the time it's her that does the leaving! And they've broken up how many times?

I swear, Millar and Gough think that character hung the moon. *shudders* And it's likely they've killed poor Kristin's career. I really hope she can have a lot of work following Smallville because it's not her I dislike, it's the way they play Lana in the show.

Loony Loopy Lea Lovegood: Smallville: Clois (Green Background)chickadilly on February 4th, 2008 08:15 am (UTC)
Oh and the other thing I liked was that it established quite well how much better Chloe knows Clark than Lana does.

Now maybe Clark will get the hint and dumb Lana and start to actually NOTiCE Lois. One can hope ... *lesighs*
Lois: SV Lois Clark Dumbasskalalanekent on February 5th, 2008 10:39 pm (UTC)
*shakes her head at our foolish boy* Sadly, we call him 'Dopey' for a reason. That and Millar and Gough are agents of the apocalyse. They've screwed up the history so bad at this point that if he and Lana break up, the world might end or something. *makes disgusted sounds*
Obsessed fangirl: SV - Bad Lana!babettew54 on February 5th, 2008 12:19 am (UTC)
Wheee!!!!! It's over, YES, YES, YES!!!! Let it die...!!!! PLEASE!!!! Thanks for these scenes!:D
clarks_girlclarks_girl on February 7th, 2008 10:56 am (UTC)
You know I was so proud of myself. Finally worked out how to download TV shows so I was no longer held to ransom by stupid international copyright laws and even stupider Australian TV stations that by the rights and never show.

Have just downloaded up to ep 10 season 7.....when are they finally going to put Lana out of her and our misery?????
Lois: SV Lana Falling LOLkalalanekent on February 8th, 2008 07:06 pm (UTC)
Jody, make sure you get a chance to watch the Clois clip on my 'OMG...' post. They had a great Clois moment at the end of this week's episode.