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And It's Thursday Again...

Which means that Post Day is only two days away. The Muse has been very helpful this week and we only have a scene and a half left before press. Currently 6,748 words, it's safe to stay that this will be another big one. And it leads to one last revelation between our OTP,  a final secret that Kal-El was holding back from Lois. Christmas is only a few days away as we end out the chapter and we all know what comes next, don't we? ;) Oh, and did I mention that Martha and Ben are arriving? Much fun to be had in the Lane-Kent household.

I do have two requests of the F-List, if I may? Can someone find me a copy of Tina Arena's song, Until? I've looked all over and can only find one video of it on Youtube. *sighs* And I need to see if either ellianiaor riznymight undertake an icon project for next chapter. ;) It's only one and it involves an important moment from CwtK?  

And here's this week's spoiler and thanks to htbthomas for the kind permission to use fragments of her oneshot (full credit to be added when the chapter goes up, so you know which fic)! Love you, Mom!:

“I’ll never forget what we had,” she whispered against his mouth.

                 Lois fled his apartment, tears starting up again. It just hurt too much; even kissing him now brought back bittersweet memories he’d never meant for her to have. She heard him calling out to her weakly, but she couldn’t bear to turn back. The sweetness of his lips mingled with the salt of her tears as she sobbed…

“Lois, wake up,” Kal-El whispered, shaking her shoulder a little more roughly. “Wake up, it’s only a dream. Hush, love, it’s just a dream. Don’t cry, Lois, I’m here…”

She looked up into those amazing sapphire eyes, seeing him so concerned and attentive, and blinked away tears. It was only a dream, he was right here beside her, none of that had happened… Lois snatched the pillow out from beneath her own head and hit Kal-El with it. “Damn you, you’d better not ever do that to me! I’d kill you! Dammit!”

Love you all! Hope today is amazing for everyone (including myself *crosses fingers*)!
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