Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Why the World Needs Superman...

Remember that part where we said (multiple times) that we were not gonna write Lois' editorial?  The part where we said the couple of paragraphs a few chapters back might be joined by a few more, but we were absolutely not going to attempt something of that scope and power?  Remember?

We lied.

We just wrote it.


Ever have the feeling that something awesome was written through you, not by you?  Yeah.  OMG.

*jaw is dropped*


OK, I think I'm better now.  Anyway, it's nearly five AM and having written that 821 word editorial has pushed our hoped-for early chapter back another day.  We are up to 5.243 words and ten pages, and we still have another scene to write.  Once that's done tomorrow, though, we'll send off to the betas and get to work on the next chapter.


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