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It's Going to Be A Busy Week, Ladies And Gents!

Writing-wise, anyway. O Christmas Tree, Chapter Seventy-Three, is in to the beats and we're around 1,500 words on the next installment. Which we might have up before Tuesday. Yep, we're catching up now. Sadly, Clark's surprise will be in the second chapter. And I have to apologize to all for running behind on the spoilers and things. I wasn't sure if anyone was still interested in them, but I'll get back to it now that I've been told otherwise. 

And I may just go ahead with posting Project Nemo's layout, as it's generated emails to me now. *LOL* elliania, what do you think, sweetie? Should we roll it out early?  

Have a great day, all, and have a laugh on me and rizny!


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