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Ponder This, Dear F-List...

 Until I can get up and directly post some of these, I suggest you take a look at this link. I promise that it will make the rest of your day better. Just don't be drinking a beverage or be near your boss while reading. You might hurt yourself. :D

ETA: Finally uploading some now. Thanks to

scans_daily       for making this moment of hilarity possible.



And I have to steal the quote from joasakura for this one: 

No, no.. because on Earth-Goddamn, Bats would be "Are you dense? Are you retarded? Did you not hear me say shut up and sit your ass in that chair? What? Do you babies need more chairs? SIT ON EACHOTHERS LAPS! I'm the GODDAMN BATMAN!!!!!" Earth-Superdictionary Bats would then say "An ass is a donkey. Donkeys have rear-ends, and a rear-end is an ass. An ass can sit on his ass, but not in a chair. That's terrible." and then rocks fall, everyone dies. 




Like we haven't seen her want to do this in LS, huh? *dies*

PhotobucketAwwww, did Wally just tell her she has no shot in hell at Clark? *evil grin* 


*crickets in the background* Ummm...yeah. That looks like a realistic setup and pose, Dinah. *leaves quickly* 

And you wonder where we got the 'everyone wants Lois' idea, huh? Srsly, that's just creepy.
 I mean, the JLA is watching you sleep? Grinning? Ick.


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