Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

It's Monday And There's Head-Way All Around

Well, I'm finally kicking the sickness' butt instead of vice versa. Plenty of Pepto, Nauzene, Ginger Gum, Ginger Peach Tea, Peppermint Tea, lots of soup, and Blueberry Tea have started to send it packing (took it long enough!). And here's hoping I'll be entirely back to normal by the end of the week. Loves go out to all of you that wished me better the last few days! You'd be surprised how much those wishes help!

And things go swimmingly writing-wise. 3,604 words and eight pages of Christmas fun thus far. And Lois' Christmas superstition is front and center. *LOL* Since we've kept you guys waiting, a little early sneak peek. Shhhh! Don't tell Anissa!

“Yeah, Lois, can we finally find a tree?” Richard shot back. “And not like the last twelve damn trees you’ve found and shot down because they didn’t have enough pine smell or had a bare spot way down at the bottom or shed too many needles or…”

She raised the saw slightly. “Watch it, mister. I’ll send everyone else back to the car and we’ll look for it.”

“And I’ll come back minus a leg,” he retorted. “Who gave you the damn saw, anyway? Isn’t there a law against letting crazy people have sharp objects?”

“Who says you’ll be missing a leg?” Lois said threateningly, tapping the back of the saw against her free hand.

Lana sidled in front of Richard. “Don’t taunt her, darling,” she murmured, even as Clark came up behind Lois and hugged her gently.

Tags: little secrets spoiler

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