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The Infamous Thursday Update and Spoiler

 Another Thursday, another spoiler, and on time this week, too! The current chapter, still untitled, is up to 4,440 words and nine pages. I'm about to go polish it and we still have a scene or two more, so it's will likely go up a bit more. Although, don't expect this one to be as large as the last few chapters. :D One or two scenes have been ones you have all been expecting, so I hope we do it justice. Especially when you note that Lois is up to something again. ;)

And your spoiler? Let's catch Ms. Lane in one of her two surprises...

She glared back down at the screen. The title seemed to glare back: Why the World Needs Superman. The ideas for this editorial had been simmering in the back of her mind since Kal-El had been hospitalized. Lois had stopped pretending she didn’t need him when she was sitting beside his bed, holding his hand in hers, and thinking of how he needed to live to see the twins grow up. She needed him – but even though the title of the editorial had come to her during those lonely hours at his bedside, she couldn’t have written it then. The words that occurred to her while she watched his too-still face would have been as subjective and deeply personal as the Pulitzer-winning editorial had been accused of being.

So Lois had waited, in spite of Perry nudging her more than once to write something about the apocalyptic events she’d been part of. Part, hell – I was at the center of it all. The only part I missed was him confronting Luthor on the island. And honestly, I’m kinda glad I didn’t see that. If I had been there, I would’ve either killed Luthor myself or gotten all of us killed by attacking him.

Now that she had some distance from the events and from the aftermath of them – her whole life had changed so quickly – it was time to write this. The three people she loved most in the world laughed again, and the raven-haired reporter grinned, her heart lightening. Oh yes. The world needs him – I need him – they need him most of all. Lois looked back down at the screen and began to type slowly.  Having an inkling as to what she was about to do, she gave silent thanks to spell-check with a brighter grin.
A perfect world would not need a Man of Steel. Such a world would have resolved its socioeconomic conflicts and be so enlightened that matters of race and class and religion were cause for polite discourse, not hate crimes. There would be no war, no crime, no injustice, none of the self-destructive tendencies of humankind.

But this world is far from perfect…
Have a good day, all! *enjoys her cold weather while sipping her True Blueberry Tea*
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