Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

New Years Resolutions: I Resolve To...

  • Stop being overly-sensitive and learn to speak up for myself more often. Or just learn to ignore non-constructive critisism.
  • Make a better attempt at losing weight because last year's excuses just aren't going to cut it.
  • Believe in myself more as a writer. Out of Reach went over pretty well, and I did that all on my own, so maybe it's safe to believe that I really am pulling my own weight.
  • Actually finish Little Secrets before the end of February. And make the ending something amazing.
  • Go forward with the other installment to the Out of Reach universe and finish it, then write the other two/three oneshots for the Baby, It's Cold Outside-verse to close that one. I will finish these two AUs with only that amount of chapters. Before the summer. I hope.
  • Push myself farther, writing-wise, on Heirs to the House of El than I did in Little Secrets. As well as I've done here, let me get braver.
  • Not drive Anissa absolutely batshit over deadlines. Even if you still will have them.
  • Actually get some work done on Dark Rising and see if we can get this baby published since we have so much manuscript.
  • Meet Margot this time. And not act like a spaz by crying and getting nervous. And remember to get her to sign Sophie's sketch.
  • Be a better friend.
  • Get out of this town and this house before I go insane after eight years of 'Next year we'll move'.

*looks up at her list* Okay, that'll do. And this year, I'm really going to try, since I honestly mean all of those things.
Tags: holiday stuff

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