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The Infamous *Friday Afternoon* Update and Spoiler

ETA:  Oops!  We were fiddling with HTML and made the entry private so it wouldn't look weird.  Unfortunately, we forgot to make it public at the last edit.  *headdesk*  Here it is - you should have the chapter itself sometime Saturday.  Apologies to the beta team for the delay - the holidays totally killed our schedule.

Okay, well, it's Friday afternoon and we're at 4,344 words and nine pages into the now-officially-titled Richana. Two scenes to go and she's off to the presses. I think alot of you are going to love this one. Especially the ending scenes. *grins evilly* Trust me on this!

But for the moment, here's the belated spoiler of Richana goodness. ;) Enjoy!

Lana headed to her favorite lunch restaurant, a pleasantly relaxed trattoria that served absolutely amazing risotto al salto. On Saturday, if she wanted a seat, she had to arrive early – the place would fill up quickly. But with her busy schedule, she was lucky to get there while they were still serving lunch.

It was busy, but there were a few tables left, and she went in, smiling at the waiters who knew her well. Lana glanced around the restaurant, wondering where she’d wind up sitting…

…and saw a very familiar profile hiding behind a menu. Hmm. Unruly sandy hair, and I’d know those hands anywhere. It can’t be, he doesn’t even know I’ve left Smallville… She walked over to the table hesitantly, half irritated if her suspicion turned out to be right, and half worried that she was about to scare a total stranger. The man’s shoulders tensed slightly as he angled the menu up, almost as though he were trying not to laugh, and that decided her.
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