Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

OMG, Am I Lucky Or What?

I'm so blessed with the amount of love I was given this year...

From Anissa:

  • Two Lush giftsets: Vanilla Bod and Frosty the Snowman
  • Season Three of La Femme Nikita (*SCREAM!*)
  • Nene Thomas Fantasy Couture Velvet Princesse figure
  • Jessica Galbreith Faery Art Sagittarrius Mug
  • More goodies from Lush: Haaganbath Bath Bomb, Bare Naked Lady, Ohh La La Soap, and a Soft Coeur massage bar
  • And a ton of goodies from the candy section at World Market *love*

From Momma, Daddy, and the twins:

  • Season Five of La Femme Nikita (*dies* I didn't ask for either of them! OMG!)
  • The Princess Bride-20th Anniversary Edition
  • Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix (*grins*)
  • My Chemical Romance-The Black Parade CD (with the Heirs-centric songs on it)
  • Fall Out Boy-Infinity On High CD (includes Thnks Fr Th Mmrs)
  • Maroon 5-It Won't Be Soon Before Long CD (includes Wake Up Call)
  • Membership to the Barnes and Noble Book Club (and a $25 giftcard)
  • $40 giftcard to Books-A-Million
  • $15 giftcard from Bath and Body Works
  • $15 giftcard from Target
  • $50 that I somehow managed to leave in my stocking last year. *LOL*

From My MIL:

  • Basket of Vanilla-scented Bath Goodies

From My F-List:

  • Reviews on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Something I absolutely did not expect.
  • The gift of friendship that last throughout the year.
  • Never-ending smiles, laughter, tears, and love. How did I ever deserve you?
  • A reason to check my email first thing when getting on the 'Net.


Hope everyone enjoy their day and got so much love and pie and swag. I love you all!


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