Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Today's To-Do List

  • Get it in gear and get the damn tree decorated.
  • Finish making the last of the cookies
  • Get my Daddy's gift card
  • Get the MIL's gift  Anissa just left to do this one and the one above.  
  • Wrap Anissa's last present I really hope she likes this one!
  • Get to Jekyll Island to see the lights Saw the lights, as well as five deer. Two does and three bucks. :)
  • Finish Mom's oneshot and quickly get it off to beta
  • Do final polish on 12days_of_clois fic if I get it back from all betas
  • Figure out what I'm getting for Christmas Eve Dinner Casbah and Hala Cafe again this year. *LOL* That works! ;)
  • Wash Kala the Bagel (who's a stinky little mess at the moment). The Bagel, she is washed. And hyper. *LOL*
  • Start on 12days_of_clois reviews (one done, a ton to go) ETA: Five down, seven to go.

 *looks up and crosses fingers* Thank God I don't have to go in until one o'clock tomorrow.

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