Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Is It Monday Yet?

Tonight at work wasn't so bad, since I was surprised to have Work Brian, my boss, there with me tonight and didn't even know it. However, whatever stress I didn't have, I gained on coming home. And then some. Have you ever had a night where you just wish you could stick your head in a hole and pretend you're an ostrich? I wish I had been able to tonight. Maybe then I wouldn't feel this miserable, hurt, and a more than a little angry. 

This is one of those nights when you want to say "F*^% IT! I'm going to bed and to hell with all of this." But I'm a disciplined girl. So I'm going to work on the chapter, maybe watch a little SII, and snivel when the lights are out.

Is this week over, because I'm over it already?   

Sorry. This just wasn't the way I wanted my night to go or how I wanted to feel after a mostly-good day and I'm sorry you're having to read this.
Tags: work suckage

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