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Well, I Have Good News And Bad News. Which Would You Like First?

Well, I think we'll go with bad news first. The chapter for this week is going to have to be postponed. Three projects on the burner, plus working every night until Tuesday, plus still haven't finished trimming the tree, plus still have shopping to do does not a chapter make. So we will keep working on it until next week. So sorry to be falling behind so much this time of year, but we're missing out on a lot of the holiday as it is. Still love us?

The good news: not only will you be getting a new chapter next Saturday, you will be getting Mom's now-decided Christmas present (which has currently gotten a BIG thumbs-up from *a few sources* *wink*) and our 12days_of_clois fic, which has been a riot to write. Why didn't that idiot Salkind go with this premise, although, I'm sorry there's no gunshot scene. I do like our version, though. *Hee!* And I'm in such a giving mood I'll give away spoilers for both... How's that for an early Christmas present?

Lois murmured wordlessly as she tilted her face up for a kiss. She slid her hands over his chest, tracing the contours of his muscles. They kissed slowly and lovingly, Kal-El rubbing her back and helping to rinse off the feathers that still stuck to her skin. “You still owe me a pillow,” he muttered against her lips.

She caught his lip in her teeth gently and then let go. “Yeah, whatever. I’ll buy you another shirt to replace the one I just ripped open, too. Fine.”
“Lois, all the shirt needs is to have the buttons sewn back on,” he told her, hands resting on her hips as he bent to kiss her neck.

“I don’t sew,” she told him. “Let’s get this straight: I don’t sew, I don’t cook, and I don’t do windows. I do not fit the Smallville mold of the perfect woman, all right?”

“Lucky for you, I know how to sew a button back on,” Kal-El said, his breath warm against her ear. “And you fit my ideal of the perfect woman. That’s all that matters, right?”

Naked, face to face and cuddling close with the hot water beating on their skin, the pair were almost as warm as they had been in bed a few minutes ago. “Fine by me,” Lois whispered breathlessly, running her fingertips down his side temptingly.

And to love her, to be so close to her and yet so far away, tormented him. They were sharing a romantic cabin, complete with hot tub and fireplace, and the atmosphere of the place kept giving him ideas that didn’t fit with the reality of sleeping on the couch. Lois padding around in the middle of the night wearing nothing more than a nightgown wasn’t helping, either. Especially when she’d gone straight into the hot tub following that little stroll and locked the door as she did so. And stayed there for over an hour. Sometimes he thought she was doing that on purpose to mess with his mind…

It was the sound of her voice that broke his wistful musings. “C’mon, Clark!” Lois called from the door of their cabin. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were trying to avoid me!” She shot him a saucy grin before heading inside, and Clark sighed heavily. I’m in hell, he thought.
Hope that keeps you excited until Tuesday. :D

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