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The Christmas Fic-Thing Made For Me By xenokattz

 I opened my Inbox this morning and look what fell out! I love this little guy, Katt! Do you mind if I call it 'Just From Me'?

Character: Superman/Lois or Clark/Lois (you pick the 'verse, just please not L&C. *pleads complete with praying hands*)
Prompt: Don't they have ice where you come from?
Song: What are you doing on New Years’ Day?

Clark heard Lois' even-toned "When you have time, come to my apartment" in the middle of rescuing a skiing party from an avalanche. He dropped the blue-tinged teenagers off at the closest first aid station then shot west over the Atlantic back to Metropolis.

Three months of living here (and meeting her, his inner voice added), he was starting to get homesick. True, flying to Kansas wouldn't take much time but it was different commuting home for the holidays. He didn't even know how he'd manage; what if something happened in the middle of dinner?

Loi-- Ms. Lane was inside her apartment, wrapped in a large, fluffy blanket as she hunched over her keyboard. She seemed absolutely engrossed in her work and jumped up when he tapped on her window.

"Superman! Hi," she said, shivering a little as the wind blew in the snow. "Come in from the cold. Not that it bothers you, I'm sure, but it bothers me. Not that *you're* a bother or your visiting is bothering, I was just... y'know, courtesy."

Clark nodded. "Thank you." He wiped his boots off. "What's wrong?"

"Wrong?" Lois blinked. "What makes you think anything's wrong?"

"You called. I assumed that it was an emergency--" Clark stopped abruptly as Lois smacked her forehead.

"Omigosh, I didn't mean to scare you."

"You didn't--"

"It was just the only way I could think of getting your attention--"

"I did--"

"--but instead I acted like you're my personal 911 responder--"

"It's not a prob--"

"Here!" Lois shoved several large paper bags into his stomach so that Clark couldn't do anything except catch them. "It's from all of us."


"The staff at the Daily Planet," Lois clarified. "Some of us wanted to throw you a party but that might seem like an press-op plus we didn't even know if you even celebrated Christmas; for all you might have some solemnity observance around this time with fasting. Do you fast?"


Lois grinned her relief. "Good. So we can have dinner."

Clark's right eyebrow rose.

"Uh, not 'we' as in the two of us; I meant that the staff at the Planet was also thinking of dinner and presents but we weren't sure where to throw that kind of thing so in the end we drew straws for who'd present you with the, uh, well, with the presents. So there."

Clark held the bags closer. "Thank you very much. I do celebrate Christmas and I appreciate the thoughtfulness."

"You're welcome. I mean, on behalf of the Daily Planet, you're welcome."

He gestured to the dining table. "Should I open them here or--?"

"Oh no, no." Lois blocked the way. "It's not-- y'know, I don't know what people got you and it might be embarrassing for them if I did see. Just take them home and... and enjoy."

"I will. Thank you again." He inclined his head in a small bow. "Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas."

He was halfway out the door when Lois called out, "Superman, wait!"

Clark turned. Determination settled on Lois' face, whispering, "Screw it." The next thing he knew, she had her hands on his shoulders as she hopped up to quickly kiss the corner of his mouth. Just as quickly, she back-pedalled, cheeks as red as poinsettias.

"Merry Christmas. From me. Just... me."

His smile, the one he used for the crowds, faded away to the one reserved for family and extremely close friends. "Merry Christmas, Lois. Just from me."


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