Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

The Infamous Thursday Update and Spoiler

And you thought last week was good? *LOL* This week goes a step beyond and had Anissa and I laughing with every word. And one of my favorite moments in Little Secrets history occurs this chapter. How Far We've Come was a title I considered, but I like Black Friday better for this one. ;) 

It currently stands at 4,489 words and nine pages, with one big scene to go involving the babies. *snickers* I love that scene, too.  

Progress continues on the Christmas tale and the Deleted Scene, but a bit more slowly because of taking the day off for my birthday. Rest assured, they're on their way.

And your spoiler? How about this?

“Hi, Lois,” he said, nudging the glasses up and dropping his briefcase beside the desk. Oh, God, she’s wearing that pinstripe suit too, he thought, forcing himself not to glance down at her long, elegant legs.

“Good morning, Clark,” she replied evenly. Looking up at him wasn’t comfortable this close, so she uncrossed her arms, put both hands on the desk behind her, and eased up so she was sitting on the edge. The skirt rode up a little as she did, and Lois re-crossed her legs at the knee. That put her thigh very close to his hand, and Clark remembered the feel of her stockings under his fingers as if he were touching her now. Focus, you ninny, he told himself.

“What brings you over to, um, the International department?” he asked.

“I think we need to talk about Wednesday.” Lois’ tone was still cool and indecipherable.

How's that? :D

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