Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

OMG, You Guys Are Amazing!

 After the absolutely awful night I had, to have come home to all of this loveliness! I love you guys so much! (and loves and thanks to rizny for my beautiful icon! *squee!*) *hugs her F-list tight*

Well, seeing as I have to be up early to be at Disney when it opens, I have to hit the sack. As soon as I'm done loading the AMAZING new MP3 player Anissa bought me to replace my poor old falling apart one. *hugs 'Nissa* Buuuuut the minute I get home I need to do a huge round of thank you. *grins* All of you spoil me rotten! I'm blessed to be so loved! *blows kiss*
Tags: happy birthday to me

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