Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

*Sighs, Rolls Eyes*

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I have to work a nine and a half hour shift tomorrow, which means I need to get to bed early. I still need to bleach the strands of my hair that will be getting the red dye next week, we have two projects to work on (B, we've started, but the oneshot may end up to you later in the week since we decided to add something more to it. :D), and we want to make cookies.


And Anissa just finally left the bedroom.

Thank God.

ETA: Teh bleaching, it has begun and is being done by my wonderful and talented girlfriend (who is even now holding bleach nearby while reading this post over my shoulder). So, that's one thing off my list. :D Now to fic and cookies. I hope.
Tags: rl sucks

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