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Gacked From bistyboo1974

 End of Year Meme: Post the first sentence or two of the first entry for each month in 2007. 

JANUARY - <rant> When the hell are they going to fix the alerts? FF has had them down how long? ACK! I can't even send out personal alerts to let everyone know! (*dies* Anyone remember that round of break downs?)

FEBRUARY - Chapter 29, Playing with Fire, now stands at 2,215 words and 5 pages. (*LOL* WOW! That was a while back. Just before the twins were stolen!)

MARCH - Alright, ladies, we slacked a bit last night (I worked until almost 1 AM, then we had to do the weekly brainstorming and the shopping), but we have one last scene to cover. (The week that Kala told Jason who their Daddy was.)

APRIL - It was Sunday night. There was Crack!Tudors. There is a whole season. All is meet and right with the world. *faints with happiness* (*hugs and misses her Crack!Tudors. Where the hell is Season Two! Stupid strike!)

MAY - Well, it's been a long day, but it ended as a good one, seeing as how Once Upon a Time is now 3,234 words and 6 pages.

JUNE - I went in yesterday, me of the topsy-tervy digestive system and the low-flown cardinal, to the firing squad. Needless to say, they weren't too thrilled with me because I called in Wednesday.

- Fear me, for I am the Voice of Doom and I have Lois' password ... MWUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Needless to say, Anissa stole the LJ that day!)

AUGUST - Voice Post: Voice update: WTF is SpinVox and why are they transcribing me?!?!?   (*dies*)

SEPTEMBER - Okay, this one snuck up on you and attacked us by word-count. The Muse, she was active last night. (Post day for Coming Around Again)

OCTOBER - You Thought You'd Feel Better After A Call-Out Day...  and you still feel like ten tons of cow poo.

NOVEMBER - A Meme Stolen From sean_montgomery, Who Gacked It From brdwaybebe 

DECEMBER - Welcome back, all. The chapter's quite large this week and real life is moving up quickly on our pair.
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