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All Is Well...Despite The Fact That Someone Gets To Stay Home Today

 All is well in the Roy-Joos household despite the fact that The Critta gets to stay home today. I think she's going to go get the Christmas Tree today, so we can let it fall and trim it when I'm off Tuesday for my birthday. Most of the weekend plans include starting the 12days_of_cloisfic, writing the Deleted Scene for B, and starting the next chapter, which is going to be another great surprise. 

I can't wait for you guys to see the current chapter, though. Anissa and I reread it last night and giggled and sighed our way through it. I'm so happy, I'm even going to leave a Richana spoiler. :D

             The flirtatious smile fell slightly as Richard answered, “Well, I might be about to walk into what will become known as the Lane Family Massacre. Lois got there first, so she and her mother might’ve been arguing. And to the best of my knowledge the twins still hate me.
“They don’t hate you, Richard,” Lana scolded gently. “They love you. So much that they’re terrified of losing you. Believe me, I’m acquainted with the feeling.”

“Do you do that just to make me smile?”

“Do what?”

“Toss out a hint that you really do love me.”

Have a great day, all! Including you, Anissa! :P
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