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The Infamous Thursday Night Update and Spoiler Returns

 Wow, the plot runneth quickly this time around and I'm glad to say that this chapter has something for everyone. We still have finalities on the chapter to do, but it currently stands at over 7,000 words and eleven pages. Only a bit more detail in two scenes and the last few paragraphs of it and it's in the can. I still currently need a title, but that will likely happen Friday night. And I'm rambling. Okay, here it goes. Have a slice of Lucy's famous pumpkin cheesecake and sit a spell.

Ella dragged Lois down the hallway to her bedroom and shut the door behind them. “What in the hell do you think you’re doing?” she whispered, mindful of Kala’s hearing.

Trapped. I knew it. No one can ever call my mother less than sharp as a tack. Lois’s gaze flicked between her mother and the door – this was exactly the situation she’d wanted to avoid, and in spite of Clark’s presence it had happened almost the moment she walked in the door. “Momma…”

“I cannot believe you,” Ella hissed, crossing her arms in front of her and her expression stern and stormy. “You run off without telling anyone where you’re going, and you don’t even tell me when you come home. I can’t find you at the house, you won’t answer your cell phone, and in the middle of me panicking – because Luthor is still out there, and God alone knows what could have happened to you – Ron finally admits he heard a rumor that Clark called you in sick to work yesterday. So I get Clark’s cell phone number from him, and call him to ask where you are, and you answer the phone! That poor boy has always been in love with you, and you’ve always known it. Lucy tells me there’s a rumor in the office that he’s the twins’ father. Well, I have no idea how you managed to convince him of that. But using him now is just wrong. I know perfectly well who their father is, and so do you. "
And did I mention Richana? :D
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