Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Just Checking In..

 ...after giving Kallie Bagel a bath (and don't think that's not going to wind up in a oneshot. This dog is hilarious when being bathed. At least she doesn't yowl like she used to. Pretty sure the twins would have a great time trying to wash such a small dog together).
The current chapter is already up to 3,502 words and seven pages.   Phone calls have been made, feathers have been ruffled, and questions are being asked. Thanksgiving in the Lane/Troupe household has never been quite this interesting. 

And we already have our 12days_of_clois fic plotted out, including one heck of an ending. This year's offering will not be LS, as there is far too much going on in the current storyline to tell anything without giving anything away. We'll be setting ours in the Original Movieverse and before the events of either version of SII. All I can reveal thus far is that one of bistyboo1974's holiday icons inspired a gut-wrenching moment for poor Clark in our tale. I'm tentively calling it Baby, It's Cold Outside...

And just let me send another round of love to rizny_notes for her exquisite 50 Lois Lane Icons, which softened the hell that work was today. I know I'm going to tresure these for quite some time to come. *hugs*
Tags: little secrets progress reports

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