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And Yea, Though I Scurry Through The Hordes Of Depraved Customers, I Shall Fear No Nervous Breakdown

 Tomorrow is Black Friday. Retail has no appropriate words for a day such as this that does not involve the Ninth Circle of Hell.

When you're out there tomorrow, please remember that any surly attitude you get comes from being wake for insane hour at the will of big corporations who are determined to sell all the merchandise they possibly can in as few hours as they can. We, the store employees, are not your enemies. We are just as grumpy, tired, and over-caffeinated as you. And when that person rings up your purchase, think of me, Abby, and Maaike. 

And pray for us. We're going to need it.

Stop laughing.

*goes to get another drink in preparation for tomorrow*
Tags: work suckage

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