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Little Secrets Progress Update

Hello, folks, Voice of Doom here with a little announcement.
We are thinking very seriously about holding the chapter until next week. At least until Monday. The reasons are several:

  • Lois has been sick.
  • She's getting her tail kicked at work.
  • I don't feel so hot, either, and I'm darned busy cooking.
  • It's a big holiday weekend, so who's gonna have time to read?
  • One of our betas is out of town.  *cries*  We miss you, Barb.  Have fun, but come home soon, ok?
  • We're 3,000-some-odd words in on a Tuesday night, which is two nights left before our self-imposed deadline, and real life is not being kind to the muse right now.
  • We finished two one shots for this week, one LS-verse, one original movieverse.
  • There's a lot going on in these next few chapters, and we haven't had much of a chance to work on notes and see what has to go where. 

About that last...  We've never relied much on outlines.  Lois and I talk about this story in the car, over breakfast, when we're dining out, during those boring-ass commercials that precede movies these days, sucking time away from the previews...  We talk about it in the shower and last thing before bed, while walking the dogs and sometimes even in our sleep.  From all that yakking comes ideas, which get hammered into a semblance of a plotline.

Now, this last arc of LS has been discussed basically since the very very beginning, about June of 2006.  So we know what has to happen - one reviewer seemed to think we were making this up as we went along, which isn't true.  The recent reappearance of Lex Luthor?  Lois and I have been discussing that since the beginning, and yes, Best Movieverse Villain 2007 has an important role to play in the closing chapters.  We've known he was on his way back since we finished the action arc, it was just a question of when to remind you, the readers, that he was still out there.  Still plotting.  Still pissed off at Lois and co.

Timing is difficult though.  We've got to show the rumor mill gearing up before Lois walks back into the office and gets hit with everyone's suspicions.  We had to sort out Smallville before we could return to the big city, otherwise we'd have that lurking "does my mother-in-law really hate me, or did she try to poison me by accident?" question still floating around.  And for the love of all that's holy, Clark needed to get laid.  I mean, the man hasn't had any since those kids were conceived!  Hello!  We had to show some mercy eventually.

But yeah.  The whole point, from which I drifted, was to say that we're taking the week off.  Enjoy the one shots, and know that your regularly scheduled chapter will be the better for the writers having a bit of a break.  Oh, and don't eat too much turkey, ok?  Or tofurkey, if you're vegetarian.  

Why are you still reading?  Oh, the traditional spoiler?  Well, I guess...

“Ron!  Psst!  Ron!”  The International reporter looked from his work to see Jimmy Olsen standing at the door, looking so keyed up he was practically bouncing in place.

Ron glanced over at Richard’s desk; the editor was engrossed in a phone call, facing away from the office.  He probably wouldn’t notice…  The tall, dark-skinned man got up and headed out into the bullpen.  “What’s up?” he asked Jimmy quietly.

“Big news,” the younger man hissed, looking to see if the Chief was watching before he headed outside.  “Not here, though.”

“Jimmy, I don’t want to get yelled at today,” Ron protested.

The redhead grinned back at him.  “I know where your sister-in-law is,” he replied, and dashed off.  With an exit line like that, Ron had to follow.

Ta-daa!  That's all, folks.  Now, keep wondering about that spoiler...

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